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Our mission is simple - change the rehab industry. Too often patients and clinicians only become concerned with health when pain is present instead of trying to prevent the issue. Many think only traumatic occurrences are cause for treatment but lifestyle can lead to orthopedic discomfort as well. At Dynamic YYC [Movement lab] we want rehabilitation to include prevention in order to avoid rehabilitation at all. Education in proactive measures is one of our staple goals for your health.

This evolution of care will allow you to move, live, perform and maintain your Health at its pinnacle, without limitations.

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Chiropractic work and massage are better together

At Dynamic YYC Movement Lab, we want to change the rehabilitation industry. We believe in breaking the cycle of injury, treatment, and repeat. Our practitioners do this by enabling their patients to maintain continuous health and not just temporary relief. We help our patients feel great and move well all year long. We strive to be the top Calgary chiropractic massage facility.

Taking care of your body is about more than just handling injuries as they happen. Whether it’s walking to your car or running a race. Chasing after your kids or setting a squat PR. Even just typing at your keyboard each day. Your body is in constant motion. Especially in a city like Calgary where winter sports like skiing and snowboarding make outdoor activities an all year focus. Movement carries you through every part of your life.

Unfortunately, each of these activities adds up, and even a small injury at your desk can disrupt your overall quality of life. Regular chiropractor and massage work mean you can prevent this strain and move pain-free all year long.

Preventative healthcare is about being able to focus on the movements you love. Not rehabilitation you have to do.

Chiropractor and massage work are the ultimate combination for injury prevention and treatment.

Rehabilitation and pain relief are more complex than a single treatment can address often times. Everything in your body is connected. For treatment to be effective, all the causes of injury need to be addressed. Improver movement patterns, stiff tissue, misaligned bones, and other physical issues can all contribute to injury and pain. Multiple forms of treatment are often needed to fix these problems.

Bone is surrounded by muscle and tissue making massage as critical to chiropractic success as adjustments. It’s important to pair deep tissue massage with chiropractic adjustments. Without both, swelling in the tissue can push the corrected bones out of place again. Besides aiding chiropractic adjustments, massage also helps to maintain allover optimal health.

Keeping tissue relaxed and joints moving properly is one of the best ways to prevent injury. Regular massage therapy and tailored mobility exercises help to do this as they keep tissue limber. They keep other parts of the body from over-compensating due to tightness in one area. There have been a number of studies showing the scientific benefits of massage for pain treatment and management.

Chiropractic work can help in injury prevention by maintaining, or correcting, bone alignment. Dynamic chiropractors also go above and beyond by incorporating chiropractic work with massage. They do this by working closely with your massage therapist to help provide them a full picture of your physical needs. This has shown to help increase the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments.

Our practitioners strive to create the most effective treatment plan for your needs by incorporating all these treatment methods. Creating a plan for your best health now rather than fixing new injuries as they arise.

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An effective treatment plan will help you to prevent future injuries as much as it will treat your current problems. Dynamic Movement Lab uses a layered approach. Chiropractic work, active release, massage therapy, and movement education are all part of the plan. We want to ensure that you can keep doing the things you love.

Each Dynamic practitioner has years of education, experience in the field, and lives an athletic lifestyle. They understand the needs of their patients because they practice what they preach. We want to help patients continue to do the things they enjoy doing because we know how important that is. Experience a new approach to your health and explore what Dynamic can do for you.

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