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Find the Best Massage Therapist for Your Needs with Dynamic Locations Across Southern Alberta

The Dynamic method is about more than just massage therapy and injury treatment. It’s about optimal physical health and injury prevention. Which is exactly why we hire Calgary’s best, registered massage therapists.

Each Dynamic Movement Lab is dedicated to providing individually tailored, holistic care. Whether it’s treating an existing injury, preventing further injury, rehabilitating dysfunctional movement patterns, or improving mobility. Dynamic has something to help every individual move better, for longer.

In many cases this whole process includes massage. But what makes it so imperative? And what does a good massage entail?


What Are the Benefits of Working with a Registered massage Therapist?

A high-quality massage goes above and beyond relaxation. The treatment from an experienced, registered therapist is a way to treat injuries. Or prevent them. Our massage therapists have very specific training and accreditation. RMT’s must go through specific coursework, practical hours, and pass several exams.

Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist

Being an RMT is just the baseline expectation for Dynamic practitioners. Our practitioners have years of hands-on experience in treating injuries and improving athletic performance. We believe that long-term solutions are always preferable to short-term relaxation.

Hot stones may feel nice, but they don’t provide long-term pain relief. Relaxation massages don’t always provide the care that active bodies need. Regular deep-tissue sports massages have a lasting impact on physical health. We believe in sport massage over relaxation because pain relief shouldn’t be temporary.

One of the Best Massage Therapy clinics in Calgary

One of the Best Massage Therapy clinics in Calgary

Regular Deep Tissue Massages Can Improve Athletic Performance

Athletic massage therapy is more beneficial to athletes than just waiting for the body to heal itself. According to several clinical studies, it demonstrates better results than natural recovery. It can help to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness by reducing inflammation and swelling.

Regular deep tissue massage has also been shown to increase mobility. This is important as poor flexibility can reduce the body’s range of motion and lead to injury. Mobility is just as important in everyday life as it is in sports. Office work can often cause stiff hips, tight lower backs, and even shoulder pain. Sitting at a desk is surprisingly tough on the body. Mobility work can help to alleviate pain and prevent the immobility that these issues can cause.

An often overlooked benefit of the treatment is improved body awareness. A person who is constantly sore is far more likely to overlook signs of serious injury. If your body is in constant pain, how will you know what a real injury feels like?

+ Best Massage Calgary: The Dynamic Approach

This is why the Dynamic method is so tailored to athletes and overall physical performance. The Dynamic method looks to treat the body and its problems as a whole.

We treat the causes, not the symptoms.

+ Everything is Connected

Muscle tension in one part of the body can impact so much more than that specific area. Even something as small as muscular tension in one foot can lead to jeopardized hip stability. If the body favours one foot over the other, then it will apply more pressure to that one side. This can put undue strain on the hip joint taking the majority of the weight. Something as simple as a foot massage could have prevented this unnecessary issue. A good therapist is able to identify this. A relaxation massage might only temporarily relieve the hip pain by treating it directly. Not solving the actual cause of pain.

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What Makes the Dynamic Movement Lab Different than Other Massage Therapy Clinics in Calgary, AB?

Dynamic Movement Lab offers a holistic approach to physical performance and rehabilitation. We prioritize injury prevention over treatment and work with people to tailor a plan to their specific needs. Our therapists provide thorough initial evaluations to ensure that we understand your individual body. These beginning consultations provide us with an opportunity to give you the most accurate diagnosis.

This holistic approach applies to treatment and prevention plans as well as diagnostics. Our method combines chiropractic work, spot massage, full body massage, education, and movement assessment. Creating a holistic plan is key to long-term physical health. We don’t want to make you feel temporarily better, we want to help you move pain-free all the time.

The Dynamic advantage also comes from our expert practitioners. Each one brings with them years of education, hands-on experience, and athletic backgrounds. Our practitioners are passionate about what they do because they practice what they preach. They are athletes who appreciate what it means to be able to do the movements they love without aches and pains. They want to enable their patients to enjoy the same— a life of movement without injury.

Multiple clinics in Calgary, AB

Dynamic Movement Lab has multiple Massage Therapy Calgary clinics to provide the right registered therapist for you, at your convenience.

Dynamic treats hundreds of athletes in the Calgary area and beyond every year. And as busy athletes ourselves, we understand that convenience is important. Find the right Dynamic location for you in CrossFit gyms, yoga studios, or HIIT facilities all over Southern Alberta.

Curious to learn more? We have locations all over Calgary and beyond, open 6 days a week.